MGE Summary Billing Changes
Due to system upgrades, MGE is introducing an updated Summary Bill experience. Please review the below information regarding the changes to our Summary Billing program.

Important information

  • A new, single 10-digit account number will replace the 8-digit account numbers associated with each service address and the Payer IDs. You will use the new 10-digit account number to pay your bill in full each month, and your new account number will be automatically updated in My Account.

  • Your pre-established groups and subgroups will stay the same; however, you will no longer use Payer IDs to pay your bill. You will use your new 10-digit account number. 

  • Summary Billing customers are required to pay in full by the monthly due date to avoid late-payment charges and potential removal from the Summary Bill program. If you do not pay the total amount due that is listed on your bill, you will not be allowed to direct specific funds to specific service locations.

  • If you pay your Summary Bill automatically through your financial institution, you will need to update your financial institution with your new account number to ensure proper payment processing.

  • When contacting MGE to add a new service location to your Summary Bill account, our staff also will need to know the name of the subgroup to add the new service location. 

  • If you pay by mail, please send your bill stub with your payment. This will help to ensure your payment is applied to the proper account.

New Summary Bill Design and Definitions

Below are images depicting the updates being made to the Summary Bill. Click on the image thumbnails to view the full-size images and read the descriptions of the updates.
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